Polished Pebbles Experience from Tyler Johnson

Hear from Tyler Johnson as she shares a snippet of her Polished Pebbles experience…


During our 1st Duke University Polished Pebbles’ WOC Women’s Panel, I had the opportunity to network with many female professionals & entrepreneurs including Ms. Fransine Sanchez. “Frankie” is a Holistic Health Practitioner who is on a mission to change Durham, “the city of medicine” into “the city of health”. Immediately, I felt a connection with Ms. Sanchez as we both shared a passion for helping others and building careers in the medical field!

A few weeks after the panel, Ms. Sanchez scheduled a job shadowing opportunity with Dr. Chilukuri of Durham Family Medicine! This was a truly influential and rewarding experience that I would not have been able to master without the assistance of Polished Pebbles. I am extremely grateful for this connection because it was the first time I’ve ever done a job shadow! This event furthermore confirmed my desire pursue my dreams and I anticipate the future impact I will have in the medical field. I want to thank my Polished Pebbles Mentors!

Written by,

Tyler Johnson


Author: kellyfairthementor

Urban Youth Mentoring Practitioner

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