Welcome to Our Blog!

We are the Polished Pebbles at Duke University and we want to welcome you to our blog!


What a great semester it has been so far! The Polished Pebbles mentorship program at Duke University kicked off this year with a wonderful group of women of color spanning all four years at Duke and from a variety of backgrounds, all coming together with one purpose in mind—success at Duke and beyond. In collaboration with the Duke Women’s Center, we were welcomed to this year’s cohort with a networking event featuring food from all of our cultural backgrounds. We got a chance to meet and mingle with various Duke faculty and staff, all of whom who can help ensure their success at the institution. Following the mixer, we learned more about Polished Pebbles and also discussed some of the challenges we have faced as women of color on campus.  Most helpful of all, we also began thinking about our own Internal and External LinkedIn Profiles and worked through our goals and achievements this academic year.

Final exams season is approaching and we’re all a bit bogged down, but we are all very excited to get to work next semester. We look forward to using this blog to share out stories and working with the Durham community to empower other young women and girls of color.

Duke’s first class of Polished Pebbles wishes you a happy holiday season and we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for the spring!


Written by, Alexandria Miller


Author: kellyfairthementor

Urban Youth Mentoring Practitioner

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Our Blog!”

  1. As a father of two daughters it’s great to see such awesome examples of strong intelligent women she can aspire to be like. As you continue to press forward remember to look back.


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